Logo Design

After my research of many other bike related websites, I came to the realisation that people usually stick with a gear, wheel or mountain theme. The latter is not a preffered logo simply because it looks so messy. If we look at web stores such as Chain Reaction Cycles or Winstanleys, we can see two completely different logos but both competing in the same field.


Logo (2015)

Chain Reaction’s logo is very old, and it has gone through multiple revisions over time, but it has stuck with basically the same design. It is not very smart or compact or attractive, but I don’t think they want it to be either. The reason I think it look sold is doe the use of so many words, it is not at all simple, which seems so old. They plaster their logo everywhere, which is their website url, so it is extremely good for advertisement, and it’s so bold and garish, that people recognise and remember it without a problem. But, they do have a large problem when they create their own products, as people are not willing to display such an ugly logo. It would help them if they had two variants of logos, then they could use their main logo for the larger events, and then the smaller, minimalist, more attractive logo for clothing, bike carriers and other items which Chain Reaction produce.


For my own logo, I have decided to go with a minimalist approach. I wanted to create a design which would look good wherever you put it, but also a simplified version of the logo for placement on photographs, or own-made products. I want to use monochrome colours, and I want to use a shade of blue as the signature colour within the logo. I believe having a splash of colour in the logo is important, at least for the main logo, as it cements a colour to the brand, and if people see that colour anywhere, they might remember the brand too.


The following logo is not related to bikes,but it displays the idea of linking a colour with a brand, so people will think of the brand when they see the colour.


Of course, this colour is related to the sports brand, Nike. The linked colour makes it a lot easier for creating products or advertisements for the company.


Nike Swoosh (2015)


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Nike (2015) Nike Swoosh [Online]. Available from: http://news.nike.com/news/nike-media-resources [Accessed 5 December 2015].


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