Webpage Structure

The structure of a webpage can become a very complicated, but also extremely vital design area when creating a website. The webpage goes in a certain pattern that makes it more pleasing to the eye of the audience. There has been researched placed into finding out how the audience generally browses a website. Looking below, we can see they results of that test in the image.


Understanding the F-Layout in Web Design (2012)

The user browses the page from top left, straight to the right, then moves down just below the initial area, and scans to the right again. Once they have done this, the user starts to scan the page in no particular order. The shape of the scanning is like the form of an ‘F’.

I have implemented this into my website by putting the logo on the top left, and a large product and advert banner just below. This will attract the user into the website and take them to a new product, or allow them to see a sale very quickly.

This method can be seen on a website from Two Seasons ( http://www.twoseasons.co.uk ). They have their sales, new products, and everything that they want the customer to know directly on the front page via a slider, just underneath the main logo.


Homepage (2015)

I think this is a very good and efficient way of getting what you want to the audience, so I employed the idea to my own website. The top image is a slider, which goes through mulitple images, displaying different things on each one.


The main site has also forgone a process to get the design layout complete. I have used wireframes and site maps to get my ideas down and get the basic structure. It initially started with the idea of going with a bike and technology website, but it developed into a specific bike brand only website.


Over time, the website would gain all of those products which would fill out the website, giving the audience a large array of items to choose from. This site map makes it very easy to know what menus lead to where, and how products/pages are accessed by the consumer.

The transformation of the main web page can be seen here, the left is the initial design by using the method of wireframe, and the right image is the final basic design. When I began creating the actually webpage, I added extras, too.



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Business Idea

brandWhen given the option to choose from any business plan, I almost instantly narrowed down my choice between two sports: snowboarding and mountain bikes. With a strong passion in both fields, it was a pretty obvious thought to have. But sadly, I could not have both sports, (unless I diversified the business idea between snow sports and cycling, but those businesses always struggle), so I decided to stick to the category which would have more breadth and a wider range of choice in the field. I decided to go with cycling. Cycling is an extremely large sport, with about 4 different cycling disciplines, (mountain, BMX, road and track), within each discipline is at-least two more defined fields, which needs it’s own separate equipment to the rest of the variations within the same discipline. Plus, cycling is on the rise in the UK, with sites like CTC (2012) showing us that the cycling trend has been on a steady increase for some years before 2012. It allows the ability to create an extremely successful business, and with so many routes to go down in cycling, there is no shop which dominates the whole cycling category.

Specialized (2012)

The idea is simple, to create a cycling business which provides people with brands that they sought after, but unable to get because the larger companies choose to go with the brand loved by the majority instead of the brands loved by the passionate. The company will sell bicycle parts and clothing which are adored by almost all cycling enthusiasts, and leave out the general brands which everyone knows, as they are usually already offered at extremely competitive prices by the extremely large bicycle store, like Chain Reaction Cycles ( http://www.chainreactioncycles.com ).




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