Business Idea

brandWhen given the option to choose from any business plan, I almost instantly narrowed down my choice between two sports: snowboarding and mountain bikes. With a strong passion in both fields, it was a pretty obvious thought to have. But sadly, I could not have both sports, (unless I diversified the business idea between snow sports and cycling, but those businesses always struggle), so I decided to stick to the category which would have more breadth and a wider range of choice in the field. I decided to go with cycling. Cycling is an extremely large sport, with about 4 different cycling disciplines, (mountain, BMX, road and track), within each discipline is at-least two more defined fields, which needs it’s own separate equipment to the rest of the variations within the same discipline. Plus, cycling is on the rise in the UK, with sites like CTC (2012) showing us that the cycling trend has been on a steady increase for some years before 2012. It allows the ability to create an extremely successful business, and with so many routes to go down in cycling, there is no shop which dominates the whole cycling category.

Specialized (2012)

The idea is simple, to create a cycling business which provides people with brands that they sought after, but unable to get because the larger companies choose to go with the brand loved by the majority instead of the brands loved by the passionate. The company will sell bicycle parts and clothing which are adored by almost all cycling enthusiasts, and leave out the general brands which everyone knows, as they are usually already offered at extremely competitive prices by the extremely large bicycle store, like Chain Reaction Cycles ( ).




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Jakub Svoboda (2012) Specialized [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 15 November 2015].


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