Choosing WordPress Theme

When I was thinking about the creation of the website, I knew I wanted it to be very clean, minimal, and easy to get around to each page. The first area I looked at to start this was the WordPress theme store. The store has hundreds, if not thousands of options for themes to then customise to your own needs. My needs were to create this minimal design bike store.

I experimented with a few different themes, some looked okay, while others went completely against what I wanted. But all of them had a problem in the area of customisation and theme support for the user. I wanted to put my own colours and design my whole pages from top to bottom, so I wanted the theme to have a lot of options available.

I took to Google and started a search for the best WordPress theme 2015, of course this brought up many blogs and posts about what people thought were the best themes for using in WordPress. I chose to look into Colorlib (2015) and their recommendations on their website, which led me to my current theme.


Customizr (2015)

I finally reached a decision to use Customizr, by Nikeo. I felt that the theme held a lot of possibilities with it’s basic structure, which was what I really wanted. This allowed me to mess around with the CSS of the pages which allowed me to get what I wanted on most pages. Some things could not be changed unfortunately. This can be seen with the signature green, or other set colours which could not be changed, and I was unable to get any help via the creator to change the colour through CSS modifications either. But overall, I am very happy with using Customizr!




Colorlib (2015) 30+ Best Blog WordPress Themes For Corporate, Personal, Fashion, Travel, Photoblogging And More [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 5 December 2015].

Nikeo (2015) Customizr [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 5 December 2015].



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