E-Mail Marketing

With a brand, it’s all well and good to have it developed and get the odd customer coming in to purchase an item, but it’s going to get no where if you don’t remind that customer that the brand exists! With Controll, the way I will perform this task, is with the tried and trusted, old and friendly, e-mail campaign! To begin this campaign, it would be best to do some research into the area. If we are all honest, no-one likes e-mails, but some e-mail campaigns do work; so I need to find out why some do, and some don’t. Also, like Fat Rabbit Creative (2016) says, “With email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.” and it’s very true. It’s free to send out an e-mail 1000’s of people, which would cost a lot of money if the same was done by letter in the post!


Paperless Post

Looking through some research, I can see that there is a common theme with a good e-mail marketing campaign: big and bold. Looking through this thread made by Lindsay Kolowich (2015), it is very clear that those which have been given credit are those which feature a large, bold statement as soon as the audience looks at the e-mail, allowing them to get to the point almost immediately. Another feature which is very common inside the e-mails in this list is the use of images. They get used differently, though. Some of the e-mails use large images, but very few, while other feature multiple smaller images. The use of images also correlates to the amount of text used, too. A good example of this is from the thread mentioned above, named “Paperless Post”, number 8 on the list. paperless-post-email-example

I like how simple this e-mail is, but still gets all of its points across, and also showing a lot of their products, too. The e-mail is clearly for Mother’s Say, with the first words written in large and bold stating to send your mother a card, with another line below asking if you have forgotten about her day. This is very clever, as it slightly makes the audience feel guilty if they have already not sorted out a Mother’s Day card. The next smart move is the instant supply of images of an array of different mothers day cards, trying to entice the reader to look at more or buy one of them that are shown. Further down, another statement which basically says that it’s not only a special day for your mother, but others too! Again, this gets the reader to possibly buy one of those cards instead of, or as well as, the cards above. A very simple but powerful e-mail. The logo is also situated very clearly at the top, making it very easy to see who this e-mail is from.


Sport Pursuit

Another e-mail marketing example is from Sport Pursuit.

This e-mail has been sent to my inbox as I once purchased an item from this online store. The e-mail immediately puts up a very large image of someone wearing a coat, by a brand named RedFox, clearly waterproof as it states below that it contains Gore-Tex, and Gore-Tex coats are usually very expensive. But to the side, in a very clear colour, is a sign which says “Up to 60% off”. This immediately grabs my attention as that’s a large chunk of money off usually very expensive clothing. Moving on down, there are multiple images of different brands, all with a product and all with a statement below about the savings. This is clearly an e-mail to let the audience know that they have a lot of high quality products for very good prices, without saying the price as they will still be expensive, possibly drive the audience away. Continuing down, there is a large image from a customer who has sent an image in to Sport Pursuit. This just adds a little fun to the e-mail, as people might be interested and want to get their image into these e-mails for everyone to see. A form of interaction through e-mail campaign.


My Campaign

For my campaign, I wanted to let the customers know that there is a 10% off sale currently on at Controll. This is the main goal of the advert. It’s also geared to remind the customer that the summer season is coming, which usually means that the audience is looking for new gear. Hearing both this, and the 10% off deal should get the customer thinking to buy at Controll. Further down in the e-mail, I have attached the video advert for the company, to get the audience in the mood for some summer riding. This, and the reminder of the delivery policy directly below, should get the customer very interested and purchase their new gear from Controll. At the footer of the e-mail, I have attached all of the social media links for Controll, along with an e-mail link and a link to the website. Finally, at the very bottom, is the hashtag “NEVERSTOP”, which is Controll’s own personal hashtag for people to link with the company. Makes everything a bit more fun!



Fat Rabbit Creative (2016) 5 Key Benefits of E-Mail Marketing [Online]. Available at: https://www.fatrabbitcreative.com/blog/5-key-benefits-of-email-marketing {Accessed 3 March 2016}.

L. Kolowich (2015) 12 of the Best Email Marketing Examples You’ve Ever Seen (And Why They’re Great) [online]. Available at: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/email-marketing-examples-list {Accessed 3 March 2016}.



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