Social Media Marketing

The social media can be a very powerful tool for a business. It gives a huge area for the company to talk with their fans and customers, and also gives the customers a place to see updates from the company, a place to see what they are doing. There a many social media websites which are able to be used by a business in a positive effect. Obviously, there are some which would be pointless for a business to go (e.g Tinder) but the big ones, with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, can have a huge impact for the business. As stated by Jayson DeMers (2014), “…an otherwise apathetic customer might become better acquainted with your brand after seeing your presence on multiple networks.”, this gives the best reason as to why social media is important for a business.

For Controll, I have decided to go for three social media platforms. Those being:

These three may not be a surprise as they are within the top 15 social media platforms, clocking in big income with Facebook pulling an estimated 1,100,000,000 unique visitors, Twitter on 310,000,000 and Instagram pulling 100,000,000 (eBizMBA March 2016). Now according to the data that I pulled this information from, it is clearly displayed that LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and Tumblr are ahead of Instagram, so why am I not using one of them to replace Instagram? For good reasons.

LinkedIn is hugely geared towards business to business/potential employee contact. Not a public area to gain maximum contact to the potential audience. Pinterest is for sharing ideas, not ideal. Google + and Tumblr are just difficult to efficiently put posts up front to the desired audience, whereas with Instagram, every single post will be seen by every single follower. Also, the ‘cycling’ hashtag has 5,760,056 posts, seen in the below screenshot image, which means it’s also a popular searched hashtag, too. Ideal for the company, Controll!


To publicise on the Facebook of Controll and get the maximum effects from it, I will create daily posts, between 1-2 everyday, containing deals from the website, or sharing videos/media about Controll. Over time, Controll would gain a shop team. This shop team would be able to create promotional videos for Controll, as well as images for advertisements, too.

With Twitter, this would be a bit more hands on with the public, a more fun place. Here, I plan on posting multiple ‘Tweets’ per day, as this is more acceptable and bothers less people then multiple Facebook updates.

After these thoughts, here are the three social media sites:




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eBizMBA (2016) Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites [Online]. Available at: {Accessed 1 March 2016}.


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