Video Creation

To gain more recognition for the Controll brand, and to make it more memorable and perhaps gain more of a following by the audience, I will create a video. To begin, I will look at those who are in the same field (selling bike bits) and get an idea of how they create their videos. Below is Chain Reaction Cycle’s most recent video, followed by their most popular video.

Chain Reaction Cycles


Chain Reaction Cycles


From watching both of these videos, I can gather that the audience responds more to the relevant, jaw-dropping footage, rather than displaying what products they sell. There are moments where the camera focuses onto the bike, which allows the viewers to see the bike. This kind of gives the viewer the urge to buy those parts, because clearly they can be used and abused and allow those who have those parts achieve amazing things.

I will take all of this onboard for my video, and give a lot of footage rather than product shots…. But there will be some product shots. Controll is new and the audience needs to get the idea of what Controll do and what they sell.

Above is the final edit for the Controll advert and marketing video. The video was made on Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, I have more experience in these programs and feel most comfortable making videos using these programs. While creating this video, I have kept in mind to keep the video in theme of the brand. I have done this by using the pre-selected colours for the text, and highlighting certain keywords to get the audiences attention, and perhaps make them remember that fact about Controll.

Within the video, I have used footage from other sources. The reason for this is because I wanted some of that jaw-dropping footage that I spoke of before, but I sadly, I do not own anything that fits that bill. The videos I used were filmed by The Col Collective (2015) and Red Bull (2015).

Now that I have this video for Controll, I can place it on the Controll webpage, in Facebook or on Twitter – basically everywhere!


Chain Reaction Cycles (2016) Sam Hill and Mike Jones pre-season training video [Online]. Available at: {Accessed 27 February 2016}.

Chain Reaction Cycles (2011) Team CRC/Nukeproof at Mont Sainte Anne – Burning Through the Mist [Online]. Available at: {Accessed 27 February 2016}.

The Col Collective (2015) Alpe d’Huez – Cycling Inspiration & Education [Online]. Available at: {Accessed 27 February 2016}.

Red Bull (2015) Hardcore Downhill MTB Racing – Red Bull Hardline 2015 [Online]. Available at: {Accessed 27 February 2016}



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